Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Higgs Boson Specifications

The whole system I am interested to talk about today is a result of Higgs Boson specifications. These specifications are points to look at in order to understand Higgs Boson as a solid block. I would like to be brief in my introduction to the subject, and let's have a look at these points.

1- Cancellations: The unique reason to make us having a look at this point is the no connection of particles; this no connection is the cause of the stability of the whole system. Any cancelled particle from a mini-system participates in the building of another mini-system. The photograph below shows the cancellation of particles from a mini-system to another one.
2- Stagnation: Is a total blockage of particles made by Higgs Boson aberration.
This photograph is showing a perfect stagnation.

3- Speculation: Is an indefinite process of particles accumulation.

4- Suspension: Are all kind of particles which can be eliminated from any system.

5- Transfusion: Is a very high quality, no boson and no particle has it except Higgs boson; transfusion works exactly the same as the action of frying eggs, molecules and atoms are transferred to a solid state.

6- Condensation: I already noticed in an earlier post that condensation is a must to distinguish Higgs boson from other bosons. Its a participation of particles towards a central point, the picture below is showing a perfect signification of condensation.

7- Installation: Its a huge task of recognition, a mini- system is installed only when sufficient conditions are available, these conditions are determinated with relation to the mini-system itself.

8- Acclimatization: The total of particles participating in the building of a mini-system is always equal to the total of particles participating in the cooling of this mini-system, otherwise without acclimatization nothing could be built up. I think alpha particles are the best players to execute this specification with hundred percent efficiency.

9- Coronation: Is a unique demonstration subtitled as “The can do”, an unlimited number of particles are generally moderated to shape a coronation; it could be seen as a whole mini-system in the picture below.

To finish this post recognition has to be announced somewhere, I am not saying that I have fully understood Higgs Boson specifications, but I hope that I succeeded to represent the most important ones. Please your comments are a push to my imagination, don't hesitate to make one.

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