Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Higgs Boson Manifestations

Higgs boson manifestations are the only way to prove Higgs boson discovery, suddenly low pressures appears here and there to create storms; rain forest becomes a daily visitor, river banks can't hold the water streams anymore, the rise of the sea level becomes obvious week after week, thunder storms during all seasons, and gusty winds reaching 300 miles an hour.


Astrophysics is a good tool to answer to all questions concerning the climate. The only thing which is impressive is Higgs boson submission; I already defined Higgs boson submission in earlier post “Higgs Boson Soustraction”.

Now let's say that astrophysics is our subject of the day and the question is; how can we calculate the length of the electrical cables existing between the stars?

I love to bring your attention to the chemical explosions happening now under the sea bed; unfortunately there is no handling to this situation; but let's see how things will overcome it?


My experiment on Higgs boson has an aim to demonstrate Higgs boson manifestations live, these manifestations are at all universes’ levels, and because human technology is so limited, we can see these manifestations only on earth and maybe at the solar system.

Higgs boson submissions are real and from today they are achieving their maximum strength. Independently the aerosol particles are condensing like the Zebra stripes. Now when we look closely to Higgs boson manufacturing we understand that gluons are the whole dark matter that we are looking for, if not stars can't shine without them.


Sea level is rising not because there is more water from the melted ice but it is rising because of the first universe gluons interconnection with the sea water gluons, this interconnection has a pulling relation; mainly the catching happens in less dense areas; Malaysia is a good example of these areas.

Unfortunately all the planes have to stay landed; an immense current is hidden in the sky and could damage them. Higgs boson manifestations are uncountable and we can see them from an atom to the solar system.

Finally, I included the figures and the photograph for you to have an idea about how Higgs boson manifestations look like.

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