Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Higgs Boson Cosmic Rays Tension

As promised I would like to introduce you to the position of our universe which is number six and colored in red in today's subject cited on the title. Primordially the six universes and their six times work exactly like an umbrella's segments; they shorten and they extend.
All figures below are presenting Higgs Boson Cosmic Rays malfunction; this malfunction is the consequence of Higgs Boson Cosmic Rays change in direction; this change in direction simply becomes backwards instead of forwards.

It is a great pleasure for monkeys to see how their life was in the first universe by reversing the evolution theory. It will be also great for human being to see their ancestors how they look like.
The subject today is about the swallowing of our universe by the first universe; this operation is due to the interconnection of both universes, and also under some conditional circumstances such as the variability of Higgs Boson Cosmic Rays tension.


The interconnection of all the universes is made of Higgs Boson Cosmic Rays; the link becomes stronger once these cosmic rays are in higher tension.

Now our universe is already on the edge to enter to a new cycle; this new cycle belongs to the first universe that means that all the plants and all the stars are having a deep change in their orbits; these orbits are becoming wider and wider, that's why we are seeing more heat at the upper half of the earth. Also we can see that the eastern winds are blowing more north east instead of west. The consequences are catastrophic before reaching stability in the first universe cycle. Don't be surprised when the day and night will have 24 hours each, and the time of one year will be equal to two years of our time now.


Finally I am really in shock, what's happening to our universe is a total disorder and unfortunately our planet earth is part of it. The proof of what I am saying is in your sky right now.
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