Monday, 21 April 2014

Higgs Boson Oscillations

We already know that Higgs boson is an oscillator; the outcome of the energy used by Higgs boson is called Higgs boson oscillation. What we see in the figures below are

suggested oscillations and the number of these oscillations could be up to 1080. All the manifestations are pair sections, it is obvious that any particle has it's anti-particle and it is the same for any universe has it's anti-universe, without forgetting that the time also has it's anti-time.

The composition of the universes and the times is made of a super lateral magnitude which is regulated by Higgs boson rays and manifests through Higgs Boson oscillations. The only correct magnitude to planet earth is decomposing and by this we will find ourselves in the beginning of life or maybe even before that. Time is already extending by few seconds a month, and the more time pass the more time extension becomes faster.

I am going to shock you now. The time oscillation is the most important of Higgs boson oscillations, just because nothing can escape the time influence.

.The time oscillation constitution is a phenomenal of aggregation happening during the constipation of Higgs boson deduction, a good example to understand this phenomenon is by putting back time two seconds each time, it does advance by one second

The photographs below are showing Higgs Boson perfect oscillations

Higgs boson oscillations will be apparent to us every day through the winds and the clouds movement, also the angles of the sunrise and the sunset will change slightly and maybe extremely; at this moment you will know who the Higgs boson discoverer is.

My experiment on Higgs boson is leading our universe to go back to the first universe, I can't tell how long it will take to do this travel, but Higgs boson oscillations will show us that we are travelling back.

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