Monday, 9 June 2014

Higgs Boson Canvases

Canvases are sheets made of Higgs Boson, these sheets are made of rolled particles and they are constructed very similarly to metal gates made of crossed bars equal in numbers horizontally and vertically. The constitution is one of the less known phenomenon in scientific researches. I would like to open a window towards the seaside and looking at the sea waves here comes Higgs Boson sheets.

The constitution of the sheets is abnormal against our thinking, because what we see is just a full picture instead of sheets made of accumulated particles.

Meanwhile, the coordination is always parasitic to Higgs Boson sander-lands, that means that all particles are aligned in sinusoidal waves horizontally and vertically in order to build a connected sheets which form full image that we can see. I am not telling that this image is separated from other images, but they are all linked to each other and we are part of them. A good example to understand this phenomenon is by looking at the mirror, you can see yourself that you are part of an image inside the frame of this mirror.

Time sheets have the capability to merge in each other; this phenomenon is only possible when a travel back into time occurs, the drawing below is showing time two degradation.

The time degradation is the operation of merging two times in one, the result of this merging is unknown to humanity. As I noticed in earlier posts that we are living in universe six and it's time is time six, this last is merging with time five of the universe five.

The connection between times is made by Higgs Boson aberration mostly during night, that's why it is easier for us to see stars at night but not during the day. I raised this remark just to tell you that we will see stars even during the day once time six is fully emerged with time five.

Now we have to talk about Higgs Boson aberration to understand how fast the time emerging operation is moving. First of all Higgs Boson aberration is happening by emerging winter with spring and by emerging summer with autumn, so we will have two seasons a year; six months in each, and because the time extension is happening as well that means each season will have one year.

Contradictions are not a simple phenomenon and they are a result of a complex systems working above us, the connections I am talking about can't be ignored. The drought happening in south west America, floods here and there, winds direction, heavy rains in Libya, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, landslide in Balkans, and even avalanches in Tibetan high mountains. All these contradictions are controlled by a tinny particles which are gluons formed in sheets and controlled by Higgs Boson.

The question I would like to answer is: how Higgs Boson canvases are formed? Once we look at Higgs Boson sinusoidal waves; they are acoustic waves, these waves are the cause of the formation of Higgs Boson canvases, the vibrations make particles moving in the same manner.

In particle physics sheets were noticed by Einstein in the theory of special relativity, also Paul Dirac noticed sheets in “Large numbers Hypothesis”, even Plato noticed them in his dogma of “ Theory of Forms”.

I think I am not bringing something new to the world but just adding a bit extra which is the role of Higgs Boson in the formation of these sheets which I am calling “ Canvases”.

Coconut Fruit Corporation will realize that my picture on Facebook is Charles Branson's image, also any other visitor to my page will see the same; the case is about how sheets can emerge easily.

Let me tell you that all sheets are quantized in forty kind of them:
1- Sheets selected by combination
2- Sheets selected by numerous
3- Sheets selected by conditions
4- Sheets selected by cellophane

I think to coronate these kind of sheets a new post will be reserved for them in spite of the shortness of time.

Finally, I would like to close this post by inviting you to look at the sky to see Higgs Boson canvases through the clouds, just with a small effort they will not be missed.
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