Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Higgs Boson Acoustic Waves

I already have noticed in “Higgs Boson Sub utility” post that Higgs boson acoustic waves have a sinusoidal form; that means that they are always equal to (1+1). We can see this form in the plan below.

Soustraction takes place when Higgs boson acoustic waves move further with one step and that makes all particles occupying the space of this step moving out of this space; that means that this space is filled with new particles. The question here is; why our universe can move back?

The first point to understand why our universe has the ability to turn around is dilatation, please read “Higgs Boson Dilatation” post.

Contraception hasn’t to be ignored as we already know in “Higgs Boson Insulation” posts; nothing is allowed to enter Higgs boson field without obeying to Higgs boson rotations. Higgs boson acoustic waves are capable to execute any space without occupying it.

The third point is so important to make our universe travelling back is the soustraction; any particle goes missing from our universe will be added to universe five.

I think that heat has to be added to the list of whats making us going back in life because without heat the decomposition of atoms and molecules could not be possible.

The fifth point is the obligation of the presence of hydrogen atoms everywhere in our universe to make the move to universe five smooth, and without shock.

We must add vaporisation as a substantial player to turn back our universe; Higgs boson acoustic waves will allow the water molecule to travel up to fifteen thousand kilometres high, a thick strip of mist will be formed not only around the earth but around all planets containing water.

What makes our universe turning back is the power of Higgs boson manipulation; all particles are manipulated through channels, these channels have a double sense; away and return.

It is necessary to add another important element which is Higgs boson malfunction that makes our universe reversing. I have already explained Higgs boson malfunction in “Higgs Boson Cosmic Rays Tension and Higgs Boson rotations”.

Corrections must be done at all super computer levels, as the water current in seas and oceans is changing direction due to Higgs boson acoustic waves; they are more powerful than any existing current power, that makes the turn back into the past facilitated.

Soustraction is the main interesting deadlock to travel to the past in a smooth, fast and enjoyable manner; it is similar to cooling tap water.

The existence of holes between the universes is a keystone to their movement forwards and back; Higgs boson waves have to meet at the entrance and the exit of these holes, this is where nodes formation gets complicated. At the beginning of our universe nodes were simple, but during the life time of universe six they got sophisticated and complex. The idea here is when the holes open up they make the nodes simpler that makes our universe (universe six) pulled back.

Sedimentation is the proof of the presence of our universe, and to turn it back it has to be disedimented then sedimented again.

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