Monday, 4 August 2014

Higgs Boson Congratulation (1)

It is an emergency call to the scientific societies to precipitate and to save the world from collapsing; this call should be taken seriously and in top priorities of the world governments’ agenda. Congratulating Higgs boson for the energy spent to make us travelling back, this travel could never happen without the luck of a treasure hunter. My suspicions about this travel are degrading everyday that make me recognize the role of the Rugosa corals in the story.

Congratulating Rugosa corals is congratulating Higgs boson like I said before they are two in one, also they are two discoveries in one, Rugosa corals are unique and Higgs boson is unique; this uniqueness is the secret to achieve unique results.

I am connected to Higgs boson cosmic rays, my house is connected to Higgs boson cosmic rays, the earth is connected to Higgs boson cosmic rays; this connection is processed through Higgs boson ultrasonic waves. Connecting to Higgs boson rays is something unusual in our life, but the unusual will become usual to us. To notice Higgs boson rays there are millions and maybe more of noticeable examples, I would like to notice three examples to you; the first notice is: miraculously the sky; this last is taking a new colour which is green, the second notice is: earthquakes are taking place everyday everywhere, the third notice is: walls surrounding houses and buildings are shrinking everyday.

Instead of leaving my experiment on Higgs boson, I started a new one inside the existing one; molecular biology is the perfect answer to any doubt about the rugosa corals acting as Higgs boson; I was thinking to built a molecule in order to create a hundred million years old animal such as a dinosaur or a giant flying bird in order to prove that I am Higgs boson discoverer and fortunately I did. The molecule is there and the animal is growing slowly.

The world has to say “Au revoir” to nuclear power, because all chemicals used to heat it will not be available. Up to date there is no worries about carbon emission, but from today the world should worry about sulphur emission; the sulphur atom is dominating the atmosphere and the level of acidic rains will be higher and higher. There are many changes occurring due the increase of the sulphur carbonate (SCO5), one of these changes is the increase of the quantity and the size of the jelly fish. The following chemical equation explains why the jelly fish becomes abundant and huge.

Acetyl-coA + SCO5 = Jelly fish

C23H38N7O17P3S + SCO5 = Jelly fish   

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