Friday, 8 August 2014

Higgs Boson Sacrification

Biochemistry is an ensemble of chemical waves precisely manufactured to build a tree designed to occupy a finite space; mathematically the whole tree contains a set number of atoms. Now imagine that condensation is applied to this tree of chemicals what will happen? The first process to begin with is to insulate the chemical tree by the water molecule (H2O); that means that the chemical tree has no access to any separate oxygen atom. At this stage the chemical tree atoms have no option to interact with other atoms except with one option which is the interaction with the water molecule. The interaction is mostly bonded with the oxygen atoms that give the total freedom to the hydrogen atom to escape at the surroundings of the chemical tree. The second process is: an internal interaction occurs which will lead to covalent bonding at all levels; the covalent bonding always starts at the top level then below it, then below the level of this last...etc. The third process is the breakup of the chemical tree, and the fourth step is the change in colour of the chemical tree. The fifth process is the last where the chemical tree becomes debris.

Synchronization is a super manager to deal with the chemical tree oxidation, a smooth passation of oxygen to each existing chemical within the chemical tree. This passation of oxygen has to break the attachment of chemicals and isolate them from each other, and that's why I wrote about “Higgs boson Sunderland” post because the appearance of earth is a must; all chemicals participate in the building of a favourable conditions to plants to appear. I am sure that just by a simple regard to outside your house, you will see green colour started dominating any other colour.

Green colour started dominating earth

Slowly and surely seas and oceans loose their blue colour gradually til when they become all green, deserts also qualified to grow many kinds of grasses, but the most first to be green are lakes and slow rivers. Shade balconies, roofs, streets and walls are already growing parasites then grasses then plants.

The main important point in our subject is that Higgs boson makes sacrification first; all the grasses, plants and trees of the universe six will be turned to debris respecting the law of (-1, +1), each time a grass, a plant, a tree is extinct another bigger one replaces it. I suppose that the world of botanic will have an amazing enjoyment of discoveries of new grasses, plants and trees

I think that the world hasn’t to worry about the mass extinction of vegetables, fruitier and used trees in wood industries because the phase of transition to a new life will be very short, and the new vegetables, fruits and trees will be very beneficial. 

Connections made between universe’s five time particles and the universe’s six time particles are an area of researches which should be taken very seriously. I am sorry to say that all known sciences should be updated from now and so on.
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