Saturday, 23 August 2014

Higgs Boson Cumberland

My fiction of the scenes behind Higgs boson oscillations is well organised and well understood. I am really enjoying writing this post; its a complementary one to “Higgs Boson Oscillations”.

Encumbering earth is a mission possible to Higgs boson; I imagine that high buildings and skyscrapers will have trouble to stay standstill, also bridges must be cut and minarets break down, this is just because of Higgs boson magnetic cables passing horizontally in the sky.

Higgs boson cosmic rays are increasing by (+1) and their direction is towards the universe five, during their travel from earth to universe five they create nodes; these nodes have the role of locking any solid matter to make the action of pulling possible. Magnetic waves are always joined to Higgs boson cosmic rays and that makes our universe encircled and ready to be swallowed.

Accountancy is not only making economic accounts but it is also making accounts about the full mosaic of our universe; my idea here is to bring your imagination to how many solids in our universe and to place each inside them in it's right place, I think to do so humans beings need a spatial rocket which has a speed close to the speed of light.

My disappointing news to the chemical industries is that many chemicals will not be available in the market such as phosphorus and food additives and many others. Dyes atoms are the first to disappear; their atoms are the easiest ones to dismantle
Methane + Raisin → Combustible gas + Mineral Acid + Amino Acid
CH4 + C5H10N8O4S2Mg5 → CH10 + C8H4S2 + N8O4Mg5

My opinion about the growing grasses everywhere on earth is not to cut them; the more they are cut the more they will cover further surfaces on earth. It is really magical how Higgs boson will give birth to so many grasses which are not known to us yet, there is no doubt that the earth will live the carboniferous era again; that means that that (99.99)% of the carbon will be locked in plants; these plants will be a soft bed where sulphuric acid will sleep and becomes itself a brown cover then a black one.

Mathematics when it come to Higgs boson field it has to obey to Higgs boson field value which is (-1, +1), it is like loading and unloading a lorry in a rotational way. This loading has to be faster than the speed of light as Hamilton explained in his equation of mechanics; this equation also explained that the loading rotation has to be equal to Avogadro constant which is equal to (6.022...)

From the above we understand that the first action is the loading then the unloading which means that our universe is taking the first action to be loaded from it's space towards universe five.

I think that Einstein added an interesting point to Hamilton’s equation which is the movement of an object in water is always horizontally. By consequences to Higgs boson magnetic cables, all the contents of our universe is moving horizontally towards universe five.

I would like to conclude by imagining your imagination about what it has been read in this post, simply; particle physics, geophysics, hydro physics, astrophysics, and geochemistry.       
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