Monday, 25 August 2014

Higgs Boson Shock

My intention to write this post is to prepare everybody in the world to Higgs boson shock; this shock is accompanied with great enjoyment which is 'I am Higgs boson discoverer'. 

Sociologists are the best placed to understand social media and their influence on all societies; written media scope has very large information to explore, this information is well managed and organized in this blog in order to make it easy to access and to understand.

I am inviting all scientists of the world to look at what it has been written in this blog about my experiment on Higgs boson and it's impact on our daily life; having a (32) Celsius in Stockholm and (21) Celsius in Algiers in the month of August; it is a scene which needs analysis, earthquakes in china are rare but lately we are seeing many of them; this scene as well needs analysis, cloud speed movement is increasing; this scene needs to be analysed, the long concentration of algae floating on the surface of the sea; this scene needs to be analysed, billions of unknown kind of jelly fish abundant on beaches; this scene has to be analysed seriously.

Social media has to wake up and tell the truth about what is happening in the world of strange scenes and they have to make sure that they will assist more strange scenes in the nearest future.

Small jobs are already increasing gradually; leaves collection from streets, small building jobs such as replacing a brick's wall, branches' trees cutting and plants gardens, sea shore defense reparation, more services staff at airports due planes cancellations, streets and railways reparation, cracked shops' glass reparation, roofs and window cleaning , never mind these small jobs will not last for long as big jobs have to replace them, instead of replacing a brick in a wall, the whole wall has to be rebuilt, instead of cutting few tree's branches the whole tree has to be cut, instead of flights cancellations there will be no flights at all, instead of street and railways reparation there will be none of them.

All what it was sculpted on earth has already started decomposing into sand grains, we should look at hips, goats and horses how they are avoiding high rocky mountains because they know that these rocky mountains are decomposing, their sensibility got them into the right path in order to avoid any damaging accident. It is obvious that ships are avoiding rotational waves in seas and oceans by changing their way, but in the future they will have no chance to make it possible to reach their destination, rotational waves sink them easily.

When I wrote “Higgs Boson Soustraction” post, people asked me why soustraction and not subtraction? I said: “soustraction is more meaningful than subtraction, because it has the sense of milking”.

Now my experiment on Higgs boson is really milking and you can check this under your shoes.

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