Friday, 29 August 2014

Higgs Boson Fascination

Fascination is a natural process happening during the travel of our universe back; it is completely an unknown phenomenon to human being. Fascination could be a plant fascination, an animal fascination, a gas fascination, a geological fascination, and maybe a planet fascination.

During this week and the next coming few weeks the world will see so many fascinating natural phenomena; one of them is the arrival of small comets on earth, some of them will land on earth and some of others will just passing by. My explanation to this phenomenon is that some small planets lost their high rocks into space due to Higgs boson magnetic cables.

The second fascination on which I would like to put the light on is the glucose deficiency in plants; the mechanism responsible for the glucose is hit by the water molecule abundance in plants.

Glucose + Water → Sweet Syrup
C6H12O6 + 10H2O → C6H32O7

Grasses have a high benefit from this fascination; as the syrup cool out from the trees. The grasses surrounding the trees will have a great enjoyment to grow faster and become healthier.

It is really serious to cite the third fascination which I think has to be at the highest priorities to look at; depressions are becoming gigantesque on earth especially in the South Pole, these depressions are not coming from nothing; their cause is explained in many occasions in this blog which is the high concentration of gluons in the upper atmosphere.

Image showing a depression in the Atlantic

Tornadoes have a great chance to be part of Higgs boson fascinating drama; condensed water molecule spinning high into the sky has a subordinated puzzle on earth. Higgs boson magic is hidden in the number and the power of these new generation of tornadoes, not only that; the surprising fascination is that tornadoes are growing like mushrooms everywhere in the world.

High sea waves are also in the list of Higgs boson fascinations; sudden freeze will create lines of small hills up to (30) meters high on the surface of the sea, a great enjoyment for surfers not for skiers. High sea waves will allow us to discover buried civilizations in seashores.

The last Higgs boson fascination should be noticed in this post which is volcanoes eruption; gluons and neutrinos have a major impact on the deepest point of earth, once Higgs boson magnetic waves are dominating the whole atmosphere their movements go to the bottom of earth; these movements have a pulling character that makes magma pulled out.

At the end of this post I am really concerned about whats happening in the world of natural disasters, I am seeing huge monsters are coming to make our life impossible, so please, please, please... Wake up, wake up, wake up and look around you, and you will realize that all what it has been said in this blog is right. You must take it seriously right now.

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