Thursday, 21 August 2014

Higgs Boson Normalization (1)

Let's say what could be normal circumstances and what could be abnormal natural conditions; conditions like tsunamis, earthquakes, ice jams, flooding, heat waves, tornadoes, and sand storms are a function multiplied by Higgs boson energy forms. 

My conception to the world climate in the nearest future is very shocking and surprising; a ten meters dot of fire will appear out the surface of the seas because of the methane combustion under the seas’ bed. The North Pole ice is melting by few mm a day, that makes sea level rising very fast, and evacuation is the only solution to the seaside towns. Not only that, but also all buildings close to rivers are under threat as well by the rise of water in rivers.

What has also been noticed in Higgs boson normalization is the excessive number of auroras appearing during the night.

Lately Thailand has observed the aurora's green light in the sky because gluons were concentrated vertically in the upper atmosphere at (180) degrees to the sun. Further in the future this phenomenon will be observed every night in the world.

I think that you already know that the principle and the basic aim from Higgs boson experiment are to increase the value of gluons in the upper atmosphere.

Graduation is the value of water in any surface; in seas, in rivers and in lakes; this level of water is increasing everyday because the water molecule has no space where to escape. Graduation in geophysics is a keystone to understand many natural phenomena. I think geophysics have a huge potential of researches in following the water molecule.

Volcanoes' eruption is a big concern in Higgs boson normalization; the interesting point here is the carbon dioxide (CO2) dispersed in the atmosphere, it will be carried and spread hundreds of miles away from it's eruption, that will pollute the water to the extreme.

I think that most sleeping volcanoes in the world will wake up and say hello to Higgs boson the master.

Finally, I am not surprised to see more and stronger natural disasters, more death, and more ignorance to my discovery of the Rugosa corals and Higgs boson.
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