Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Higgs Boson Promotion

After four years of experiments on the Rugosa Corals I learnt a lot about action-reaction; it is very similar to my posting in this blog; there is an action which results to a reaction. In this post I love to bring your imagination to a person who discovered Higgs boson and trying to convince the world about this discovery, the task is not only difficult but also is something like mission impossible. So I decided to show five proofs of Higgs boson discovery to make a high professional promotion to this blog.

My first proof of my discovery to Higgs boson is my writing in this blog; I am sure that all articles in this blog are supporting proofs that the speaker has enough knowledge about what he is talking about, and also the images and the drawings inside this blog make it sufficient with alibis to be promoted.

My second proof of my discovery to Higgs boson is all the cited results within this blog; these results are as follow: Majorana fermions, Glue balls, Electron density, new
living organisms, diamond production, carbon nano-tube production, influence of the weather system, and DNA pro-approaching within the eradication of some animals and the appearance of others.

My third proof of my discovery to Higgs boson is the mild air which is visiting the northern part of the planet earth whole year; who can ignore that depressions in the north Atlantic are bringing equatorial mild air to Scandinavia, Siberia and Canada. In the same context cold air is visiting Peru, Madagascar and New Zealand.

The fourth proof of my discovery to Higgs boson is the growing grasses at your house door step; these grasses are just the Higgs boson’s first generation of grasses, and not for long you will assist the fast growing of the second generation of grasses and the third generation and the fourth generation; this last will grow up to 2 meters long.

The fifth proof of my discovery to Higgs boson is that I am the only person in the world who is talking about Higgs boson in details; I am the only person in the world who is making real experiment on Higgs boson; and I am the only person in the world who is making a big noise about Higgs boson discovery.

I would like to close this post by the following statement; "Many of us agree that the most difficult subject in particle physics is Higgs boson and it’s existence. I would like to introduce you to the discovery of Higgs boson by reminding you that when Sir Isaac Newton discovered the Gravity didn't use a so complicated technology as Tevatron or CERN, and when Albert Einstein discovered that travelling in maximum speed should be in the speed of light, he didn't use a complicated machine to measure this speed. For me the discovery of Higgs boson doesn't need a huge collider but a better understanding of the Higgs itself. Welcome to the discovery of Higgs boson

Note: The picture above is from BBC
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