Saturday, 27 September 2014

Higgs Boson Phosphorycation (01)

Higgs boson phosphorycation is a deep understanding of chromosome genesis; this understanding must be stratified into units in order to have a full image of the link 
between Higgs boson, phosphorus and chromosomes. In this post I would like to analyse a small sample of interactions with the hope that you realise how Higgs boson is capable to transfer phosphorus between two types of chromosomes.

It is interesting to look at the grown mushrooms on the trees' trunks, these mushrooms are originally sacrificed by the tree cells. These cells were diverted from their original growth. Maliciously their chromosome has taken a new shape; this new shape is a result of a chemical interaction within the chromosome itself. The chemical equation below gives us the answer to this interaction:

Helium11 + 4 Phosphorus → 8 Phosphorus

It is obvious that phosphorus atoms have increased by (4), the result of this increase is a new cell shape.

Soustraction has the answer to the duplicated chromosomes; these last always give birth to two new shapes of cells, the new phenomenon in this case is the introduction of alpha particles. A good example of this new phenomenon which we are seeing in reality is: the mozzarella cheese formation is based on two duplicated milk chromosomes. This interaction is based on trigged alpha particles.

There are sufficient proves that polymerase gamma is replicating DNA in the eukaryote cells in a reversing way; the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) started to rotate in the opposite direction.

Another complicated phenomenon in which scientists will discover; the secret of the extension of dark matter is the phosphorus splitting within the DNA. A phosphorus atom combined with Heium9 could split (3) times to produce (7) phosphorus atoms; the drawing below shows how (2) phosphorus atoms become (16) phosphorus atoms.

It is wise to include the following chemical equation which explains the phosphorus extension:

Phosphorus + Helium9 → 8 Phosphorus

Finally, phosphorycation is still here and it's results will come up shortly, the reversed rotations within the (mtDNA) will plant into new shape.    

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