Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Higgs Boson Sponsors

Sponsoring Higgs boson is a huge task; it is time, money, social life, family relations and self consuming. I believe that the posts which I am writing in this blog will meet listening ears, people who are neutral and interested to bring the truth to the world. Sponsoring Higgs boson is sponsoring Rugosa corals and sponsoring me, it is time now to look deeper and deeper with a comparative vision of whats happening in the world and what is written in this blog otherwise the consequences are destructive.

I am really interested to find a sponsor to Higgs boson and it will not cost billions, its just a matter of pennies; the matter here is not money but it is supportive and educative. No one in the world is shouting everyday to say Higgs boson experiment is real except me. I am sure now its time for money to talk to prevent the worse.

Situations are the exaggeration of many circumstances which lead to undermining thesis in order to understand Higgs boson sponsors, these circumstances are the debate today in New York; shall we inaugurate a special intelligence for general intelligence about the new weather system cited in “Higgs Boson spheres”post. My intention is completely away with future weather systems specially the windy ones, as the winds rotation is capable of destroying a huge building the size of 'Eiffel tower'.

Sinusoidal waves are the simplest waves and that's why made nodes shape are easy to knit. Sponsoring media should be simple and easy; my conclusion to these two statements is acrobatic and that means that all existing waves will spin around Higgs boson of our universe. Falsely nobody will miss seeing Higgs boson sponsors.

Rugosa Corals must be congratulated for their unimaginable conferral, the reason that this blog took a diverted route because of their discovery. Five years ago when I decided to look for a theoretical treasure in South England, they were the only important thing I found, even my experiments on them  started accidentally when I kept them in a glass of water. The first thing I understood is that they have the power to dismantle any atom and to build another one. I think that just one of them can replace the production of electricity of ten nuclear power plants. Sponsoring Rugosa corals is a guaranteed service back.  

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