Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (6)

Syndications are the only way to sustain Higgs boson discovery; now the world has to listen to me in one way or in another. In the first way to avoid the worse and in the second way when the worse had had happened. My contribution is so high to science and to the world but until today I am seeing just rejection, rejection and rejection. The only thing I understood is that we are living in an abusive world where only powerful people got heard, this is not because I haven’t any power but the world surrounding me can’t see my power until its too late.

Today the carbon is decreasing in the atmosphere because the volcanoes' sulphur is locking it. The number of erupted volcanoes will increase the level of sulphur in the atmosphere dramatically, by consequence the carbon atom will diminish significantly.

Interconnections are manufactured and perfectly designed at all sides, tsunamis will achieve their highest level not because of earthquakes under the sea but because of an integrated low pressure by another one, the sea water will be taken very high to create a real tsunami.

Higgs boson sanction is perfect to Higgs boson sinusoidal waves demonstrations and it’s effect lead to a syndication. The obvious syndication within this content is the dominance of winds in the new weather system; during the last eleven months winds started to be present in almost every day around the world, also the average of their speed is gradually increasing and the surprising fact is the non-resistance of most things is not a coincidence.

The big news which I would like to announce is the appearance of the first new generation of frogs; this kind of frogs will be followed by a new generation of lizards, snakes and many other new generations of mammals which were extinct. I am bringing this syndication because I am sure that scientists will be shocked when they realize that these animals are coming back from the past of millions years ago, and the proof is within their DNA.

The last syndication of this post is miraculous and imaginable; the appearance of auroras' light most of the year; the right explanation to this phenomenon is because the earth orbit is widening, this makes the particles surrounding the earth upper atmosphere changing from dense to less dense ones. The result of this situation is that the sun rays have more empty space to penetrate into the earth atmosphere; at night the sun’s light got reflected on some areas on earth. There are many colours of auroras and the most known ones are green, red and orange; it is still the particles’ density which makes the different colours depending on how dense the atmosphere is. The green aurora has the minimum particle density and the red one has the maximum particle density. Just to remind you those auroras will be seen almost every night in the nearest future.

Again my advice to all scientists to think twice about what I am saying in order to avoid real calamities, the right is all yours to shout very high and say what is reasonable and what is not. It’s better now than tomorrow.  
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