Saturday, 20 September 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (1)

I have already said in “Higgs Boson Conditioning (A)” post that Higgs boson syndication is an operation Hamsher to produce a noble gas; Hamsher is just a name
of which I decided to use to name a physical interaction happening in the upper atmosphere and under earth, the result of this interaction is generally a noble gas which is helium9, helium11 and helium electron neutrino (Heve).

The interesting point of today’s post is the genesis of noble gases; all Higgs boson experiments are based on Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). The interaction between the fortified water and the Rugosa Corals results to the ejection of Higgs boson cosmic rays and helium. My interest here is alpha particles and where to meet them once they are out of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs)? A quick travel to the upper atmosphere where interactions occur, I think that the favored area where alpha particles interact is chosen upon the temperature.

12 Helium11 + Sodium → Sodium Dioxide. 12He11 + Na → NaO2

12Helium11 + Titanium → Titanium Dioxide. 12He11 + Ti → TiO2

12Helium11 + Magnesium → Magnesium Dioxide.12He11 + Mg → MgO2

12Helium11 + Selenium → Selenium Dioxide. 12He11 + Se → SeO2

The chemical equations above explains the Helium11 interaction with Sodium, Titanium, Magnesium and Selenium; maybe someone asks where the two oxygen atoms come from? We already know that the electron contains four quarks; the up quark, the down quark, the anti-up quark and the anti-down quark, we also know that the total of electrons, protons and neutrons in the oxygen atom is (24). The total of quarks within the Helium11 is (8). it is obvious now that Helium11 is an oxidant to the chemical elements cited above.

3.5 Helium electron neutrino + Mineral Water → 3 Mineral Water
3.5 Heve + H2O → 3(H2O)

3.5 Helium electron neutrino + Carbon Hydroxide →3 Carbon Hydroxide
3.5 Heve + COH → 3 (COH)

3.5 Helium electron neutrino + Sulphuric carbonate →3 Sulphuric carbonate
3.5 Heve + SCO5 → 3 (SCO5)

3.5 Helium electron neutrino + Sulphuric carbonate + Mineral Water → Plant not recognised yet.
3.5 Heve + SCO5 + H2O → Plant not recognised yet.

The chemical equations above are not detectable by any mean of technology; the only idea to prove them right is through the investigation in nature. I think that the easiest one to observe is by passing by botanical discoveries of new plants.

The addition of the new era to debris could be understood once we look at the following chemical equations:

Helium9 + Plants Roots → Soil
Helium9 + Plants Leaves → Soil

At this end of this post I would like to remind you of alpha particles as the main builder of life; this means that all particles have alpha particles as first and the essential block for their existence.
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