Thursday, 11 December 2014

Higgs Boson Energy Forms

No one can ignore that energy and mass in motion are two faces on the same coin; I was asked about energy and it’s forms, and that’s why I decided to share this post with you as it brings a unique vision to energy, mass in motion and their forms.

I already suggested in “Higgs Boson the Oscillator” post the existence of (36) conditions of the sinusoidal wave duality in the quarks model which are the forms of energy and mass in motion, and I would like to bring the drawing below for your imagination

As we can see that the (11) first forms are built on red dots linked together with kind of half circle line; these red dots are representing quarks. The quark principle is saying that “ quarks could not be free without a link at least to two other quarks, the link between two quarks is equal to half sinusoidal wave and each quark has two links which is equal to one full sinusoidal wave.

From what it has been said above we understand that the source of energy starts from two moving quarks to form a sinusoidal wave of energy; this source of energy is called the quarks' energy.

Maybe someone asks why there are (11) forms of quarks' energy, and not less or more? To answer to this question we need to look at the suggested number of alpha particles which is (11); this is the first proof of my homogenous discovery to Higgs boson, I also I would like to add the second part to answer to the question above in full; the number of the solar system planets is 11 plus the moon and the sun, each of the planets was built on each different quark’s energy and that’s why each planet has it’s own characteristics.

The inside connection of the quarks' energy is attached with nodes, as we already know  that there are (11) existing nodes cited in “Higgs Boson the Oscillator” post; these nodes are the smallest existing energy and they are called nodes energy. The nodes energy exists everywhere; inside protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms and cells and even in the whole universe, not only this but also all universes are attached together by this kind of energy.

It is true that quarks have different masses from the bottom quark to the top quark that means that their energy is hidden in the wave like particles. The waves which I am talking about are sinusoidal waves starting from (1) to (11) exactly the same number of quarks which is (12 -1).

I am sure that more time and more space are needed to talk about all Higgs boson energy forms; I just cited (3) out of (36) the rest will be explained in future posts.

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