Thursday, 11 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (17)

Syndication (17) has three new phenomena of my interest to talk about in this post; all of the new phenomena are linked to earthquakes as they are synchronized by Higgs boson quarks submission.

The first new phenomenon is lakes’ disappearance from the surface of earth; the vibration of rocks under the lakes’ bed makes their water dissolved into the earth, this phenomenon will be more frequent as earthquakes are becoming stronger and numerous. A good example of lakes’ disappearance which the world is assisting is the Aral’s lakes disappearance; their disappearance is not only from water vaporization but also from the cracks under their bed; these cracks makes the water swallowed by earth.

The second consequence of earthquakes is the rivers disappearance; the earth surface will be transformed into huge divided areas cut off by long and wide cracks capable of swallowing all the rivers’ water, the result is rivers without water.

The third syndication is the appearance of new volcanoes; earthquakes have enough power to create new ways to magma to flee inside them and to get ejected on the surface to create new volcanoes; this phenomenon will affect many cities and villages by causing damage to their infrastructures. Also the cause to magma flux is methane combustion inside the earth in an increasing rate; the increase in the earth’s temperature makes organic materials decomposing to participate in methane composition then methane combustion.

It is incorrect to exclude earthquakes number and level as syndication; more methane combustion will lead to more and stronger earthquakes; this means more damaging consequences on the earth’s surface.

To finish this post I would like to remind you that quarks submission and quarks assumption both have a direct link to earthquakes to occur; quarks have enough power to pull most of the earth’s particles in different levels depending on the particles’ density.
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