Sunday, 21 December 2014

Higgs Boson Congratulation (2)

Higgs boson congratulation (2) is a complementary post to Higgs boson congratulation (1) post; the circumstances which are pushing me to write this post are difficult to

understand but I am crossing them in order to simplify them and making them understandable. These circumstances which I am seeing everywhere and I want to congratulate Higgs boson and the Rugosa Corals for their great job by creating them. I am seeing five important and obvious circumstances which I would like to share with you in this post.

The first circumstance is the grasses’ growth; it is so obvious that grasses started to impose themselves everywhere and the green colour started to dominate any other colour; the causes to these grasses’ growth are cited in earlier posts but the important ones are; quarks submission, quarks assumption, high temperature, low pressures and heavy rains. The picture below is showing the first generation of Higgs boson grasses’ growth

The second of Higgs boson and Rugosa corals circumstance is the first generation of mosquitoes; suddenly a mosquito visited me in my kitchen, what a beautiful creature! I think that you can find one if not many, because of the new weather system of the new era of life mosquitoes are growing bigger. I would like to add this mosquito’s picture to bring it to your imagination

The third circumstance appearing due Higgs boson and Rugosa Corals great work is the great multi kinds of mushrooms; I am sure that you are seeing some of them growing everywhere even in streets and windows’ frames. I am impressed by their marvellous different shapes. Here as well in this situation we should congratulate Higgs boson and the Rugosa Corals for their magnificent job. The picture below is showing some of Higgs boson first generation of mushrooms

The fourth circumstance is clouds concentration; Higgs boson and Rugosa Corals did very well to concentrate clouds to produce rains; this concentration is the result of a long process of heat, evaporation, winds and rotations; this process also produced drought areas as clouds escaped to the concentration area. I think that this process will stay very long time dominating the new weather system.

The last of Higgs boson and Rugos Corals circumstance is trees’ leaves growing; nobody on earth can ignore that trees’ leaves are growing at least twice a year; this is due to Higgs boson and Rugosa Corals superb work by changing seasons, and this work could be done just by one unique particle; this particle is Higgs boson.

I hope I fulfilled Higgs boson and Rugosa Corals satisfaction by congratulating them, and a big honor to the man who discovered the combination of two particles in one. The time is up to the people whom are still looking for Higgs boson, they have to accept the truth and to be reasonable.

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