Thursday, 25 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (12-1)

In this post I would like to put the light on syndication (12-1) which is a development to syndication (12); this development has occurred lately and its about the sardines’ extinction; the causes which led to this extinction are this post’s subject. 

The first cause of the sardines’ extinction is the volcanoes eruption under the sea; this eruption makes the sea water warming up and this leads to a decrease of oxygen level in the sea water; the result is dead sardines.

The second cause of the sardines death is sulphur accumulation in the sea water; its due the volcanoes under the sea bed the sulphur level in sea water becomes very high to prevent sardines from oxygen, this leads to sardines extinction.

Also sardines are dying because warm seas water is dominating larger area in the seas and this water warming is due the sun’s heat; the sun has more space in the sky to penetrate and comes on the seas and oceans; the most of the time clear space in the sky is a new phenomenon which is occurring due the build up of the rotational clouds vertically instead of horizontally.

One of the most important syndication which is endangering sardines to extinction is the high seas waters; sardines are waters' surface swimmers and in contradiction these waters’ surface have a high density of sulphuric acids coming from the heavy rains.

The last syndication which making sardines close to extinction is the oceans’ and the seas’ current web around the world; oceans’ and seas’ waters are mixing quickly because of the increase in waters' current which is the result of the increase in low depressions; these low depressions are making the waters' surface of oceans and seas moving very fast in a rotational manner due to Higgs boson rotations. Sardines are taken by the flux of water to surprising areas; these areas are simply traps to sardines to die poisoned by high level of sulphur, by cold water, or by the locked carbon in the sulphur carbonate (SCO5).

At the end of this post I would like to remember you that sardines will become extinct shortly but there is no need to panic as another kind of fish will develop to replace sardines in seas and oceans, simply because planet earth is under Higgs boson mechanism and as we already know that this mechanism works under the formula of (-1, +1).

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