Monday, 29 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (14-1)

Syndication 14-1 has to come to explain the appearance of a new phenomenon; this phenomenon is the growing of poisonous mushrooms. My advice to people not to
collect them, and I would like to put under the light why I am giving this advice of not collecting mushrooms and not eating them?
First of all mushrooms are fungus and they can grow from any bacteria which is poisonous; because we are living in a new era of life millions of new kind of bacteria is spreading everywhere; this kind of bacteria is bigger in size and much powerful to make mushrooms as killers.

Secondly mushrooms components such as straight chains aliphatic carrying hexen (C6H12); the interesting interaction which transfers mushrooms to poisonous it does occur inside the stomach; once carbon atoms are inside the blood cells they interact with oxygen to form carbon dioxide (CO2), this interaction deprives the human body from oxygen which causes death.

Thirdly mushrooms become poisonous because of quarks assumption; we already know that quarks assumption has a pulling characteristic due to Higgs boson electromagnetism; during this action of pulling microbes are assumpted too to well hide inside mushrooms.

Higgs boson bio-nuclear energy is behind the mushrooms explosion; maybe the reader to this post has to look at the two links below to understand what Higgs boson bio-nuclear energy is. The process of mushrooms construction is explained as follow: the emitted energy from the splitting of neutrons and protons has to travel through quarks submission and quarks assumption and inside these two phenomena mushrooms take shape. The mushrooms become poisonous because of their detection to some debris such as heavy metals and to incorporate these last into their bodies.

The last cause to my advice to people to not collect mushrooms is the excessive level of sulphur absorbed by the mushrooms tissue; the formation of chitin on mushrooms gets affected by sulphur which leads to the constitution of poisonous chitin, the chemical equation below has the meaning to this situation

Sulphur + Chitin → Poisonous Chitin
3S + (C8H13O5N)3 →( 3SC240 + (H39O15N3)

I am sure there are many people out there agreeing with me about the appearance of mushrooms and their poisonousness; the number of mushrooms in nature will increase by 8 times in each cycle; and in each cycle there are 8 to 12 weeks.

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