Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Higgs Boson Recognition (2)

Higgs boson recognition two is a general information concerning Higgs boson discovery and it’s impact on the social life, economical progress and the educational knowledge; all the information within this post is the result of my long experience as an independent researcher, and the stability I created to planet earth to travel backwards smoothly and without serious damage. I would like to address few messages to the people of planet earth that I am the commander of this travel as long as I have enough knowledge to do so, I am asking everybody to keep calm and don’t panic as we are living under a new global weather system; we already entered the first stage of the new era of life. I also want to see some positive reaction from your part to encourage me to do what I have to do in a perfect way, and make sure that the world is a fantastic place where to live.

Let’s say that the world is travelling back, that means that a full understanding to all chemical interactions of the new era is a must; the whole chemical composition of our universe is changing fast; this change include the change in the formation of stars and
all planets. Planet earth is a tinny particle inside the whole; that means that a change in it’s composition is imminent which leads human being to adapt to it in a very fast manner if not the battle will be lost.

I think that the most adaptable behaviour is to be aware of this change and to get informed about it before it occurs; human beings are back behind this change by few years and the more time pass the more they become ignorant about it as long as they are not cooperating with Higgs boson live experiment. At the time being I am seeing just myself and very few people those connected to this change, my invitation is open wide to everybody to join the discussion of my discovery to Higgs boson and my experiment on it, because the economical impact is huge and very depressive.

My last idea to close this post is to introduce to the educational system what it has been said in this blog otherwise the world will have ignorant generations about their surroundings; also it will not be correct to teach what is incorrect and delusive. An example of this situation is to print money on a paper which is not convenient as all known paper will decompose; the chemical which forms the paper is starch, and starch is decomposing due to the weather system.

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