Saturday, 13 December 2014

Higgs Boson The Interlocutor (3)

Time particles interlocution has to take place in this post; I am about to share with you few ideas about time and time interlocution in order to have a full vision of our universe’s travel back and how time particles can merge together, and also the time particles constitution is brought to you in this post.

The first hypothesis which I am proposing is showing the relation between a quark as a first stone to build all matter and anti matter and a time particle as a component to build all subatomic particles. I know technologies are not capable yet to show us a quark or a time particle how they look like and even to show us an electron how is composed? I am suggesting that the size of a quark is (10) times bigger than a time particle and this last is the first component to build a quark; this means that time particles existed before all matter and all anti matter; also this means that time particles were occupying the known and the unknown spaces first. Time particles were the first particles which all matter and all anti matter were built on, and because the quark is the smallest particle of subatomic particles it was the first built subatomic particle on time particle. The drawing below is showing how a quark was built on a time particle

The second hypothesis which I am suggesting is about the time particle composition; this composition should obey to Pauli Exclusion Principle; that means that any time particle has it’s anti particle and it’s rotation is equal to half spin. Also the time particle has it’s own room inside everything because time particles got used; they get shrinking or they get bigger depending of their velocity of their rotations; the more time particles’ velocity higher is the more they get bigger and vice versa. It is important to add the drawing below to see how time particles look like and how they are formed from four time units; two similar time particles and two similar anti time particles

I would like to add a third hypothesis which concerns the time travel back; the time particles of our universe also obey to the magnetism of the first universe; they are already under this process of pulling back by the first universe magnetism to merge into the time particles of universe (5); once they cross the existing hole between universe (6) and universe (5) they become part of the time particles of universe (5); because these last are twice bigger than time particles of universe (6) they have enough room to hold these last ones. I am interested to bring your imagination to the above statement by the drawing below

I hope I did well to answer to some questions about time and it’s travel back, I am sure I have covered most of time components and time interaction with chemicals in “Higgs Boson Anticipation” post
, and if  I am lucky I will have another occasion to talk about time.

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