Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Higgs Boson The Interlocutor (2)

Higgs boson interlocution two is about super massive galaxies carried back on their paths into the past, it’s a connection between the centre of the first universe and all existing particles in universe six which will be pulled back in a rotational manner
gently and softly, the key player to execute this operation is Higgs boson cosmic rays.

The source of the interlocution which I would like to talk about in this post comes from Higgs boson of the first universe symmetry breaking as a huge particle; this results to generate Higgs boson cosmic rays strong enough and capable of pulling back all particles of our universe. Because Higgs boson cosmic rays are made of alpha particles they can mix with all particles even with photons as we already know; this mix allows all particles to pass through the existing hole between universe five and universe six.

In this post’s subject I am about to suggest a hypothesis which says that “all particles are light acceptors and the source of light is the alpha particles’ acrobats”. My intension here is to provide some contradictory effects of time particles and light particles; that means that the time particles accept the coherence with light particles which are the result of the acrobatic alpha particles; this statement will lead us to conclude that Higgs boson cosmic rays of the first universe are the source of light.

I am enjoying adding another statement about the sun’s light; the sun’s first character is heat, because alpha particles got heated by the sun’s heat they become more acrobatic and their movement increases to the maximum to produce light particles, I think that the cleavage here is clear to differentiate between the sun’s light and the real source of light.

Alpha particles are the source of life and they are the source of light too, and without them life can’t exist; not only this; the existence of life is the proof of Higgs boson cosmic rays that they are the source of light because without Higgs boson cosmic rays the acrobatic alpha particles couldn’t exist, and without Higgs boson symmetry breaking there will be no Higgs boson cosmic rays. So the Higgs boson interlocution we are talking about is a must to understand where life comes from, and the return of our universe to it’s source should be much easier than carrying on going forwards.

The interlocution of Higgs boson symmetry breaking of the first universe is the source of everything and Higgs boson was the first particle to exist before any other particle. My understanding to the formation of our universe comes from Higgs boson interlocution of it’s cosmic rays.
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