Thursday, 25 December 2014

Higgs Boson Grasses

Higgs boson grasses are one of the easiest proofs which I am bringing to the world to get recognition that I am Higgs boson discoverer; the grasses mixing to each other is an obvious new phenomena. I am sure that agricultors are the first to assert the statements I am making in this post; these statements are coming to show a new era full of dampness which will allow grasses to grow up to 10 metres tall, not only this but also a full image of new grasses will dominate planet earth. In this post I am proposing five contradictions of grasses’ growing; one of them is the walls’ grasses. We already know that alpha particles and sulphuric acid are decomposing the walls joins and this results to the creation of empty spaces within the walls; inside these spaces calcium and debris from trees and plants accumulate where grasses find a safe place where to grow. A good example of this condition of grasses’ growing in walls is shown in the picture below

The second contradiction of grasses’ growing is in corners; generally corners are good places where debris accumulates to prepare a good bed where grasses can grow, the picture below is showing this contradiction

The third contradiction to grasses’ growing is low surfaces in streets; the extracted sulphur carbonate (SCO5) from trees’ leaves, branches and wood accumulate to form a good rich soil where grasses grow in good conditions, the picture below is showing this contradiction

The fourth contradiction of grasses’ growing is on balconies; generally the grown bacteria on roofs detaches from it’s roots to fall on balconies to form a good bed to grasses to grow, I would like to add the picture below to show this contradiction

The last contradiction of grasses’ growing is in streets’ cracks; these last are good places where good soil made of debris of wood, calcite, sand grains and sulphur carbonate (SCO3) accumulate and allow grasses to grow safely, the picture below is showing this situation

The conditions above of grasses’ growing are just examples; what I am trying to say is that the beginning of the new era has already images which we can see in reality, and the world has to prepare for the growing grasses as they will occupy further surfaces and will grow higher and higher. 
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