Monday, 15 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (19)

Syndication (19) is about DNA reversing; we already know that DNA is reversing because our universe is going back to integrate in universe (5), we also know that some extinct animals have came back to life such as wallaby, frogs and lizards. In this post I
am willing to talk about Higgs boson DNA insurrection and it’s dominance in the nearest future to our life. Higgs boson insurrection is well managed and organized to achieve it’s aim; this aim has two answers to two questions, the first question is; who is the real Higgs boson discoverer? And the second question is; who is really bringing enough proofs that he is Higgs boson discoverer? The idea of this post is to add more proofs which the world can see in reality with the hope that it will recognize me as Higgs boson discoverer.

One of the most obvious phenomena showing that DNA has been reversed is trees’ leaves; how come that trees are pushing up their leaves in the month of December? It’s because their growing is going backwards instead of forwards; and it’s simply because their cells are replacing their time particles by the past time particles.

The second syndication concerning DNA reversing is the giraffes’ extinction; this new phenomena is already occurring and it’s cause is DNA reversing, because the giraffes’ DNA is too long it breaks easily and quickly once reversed.

The third syndication is the extinction of cats due DNA reversing; the cats’ DNA is one of the weakest DNA and once reversed it becomes dispersed; this situation makes it difficult to build again.

Another syndication which is foxes’ extinction; this is due not only because foxes are eating poisoned food from the excessive level of sulphur inside it but also from DNA reversing. Once foxes’ DNA reverses it has no way to switch to other DNA animals, because of this they simply die until they become extinct.  

The last syndication which I want to talk about is the gorillas’ extinction; this extinction is made by the reversed DNA; simply gorillas can’t cope with their DNA reversed to live longer.

To close this post I think scientists have to look at DNA reversing seriously as it is one of the main and important issues in our travel back, also new plants and new animals which are appearing should be deeply investigated as they are the important economical potential of the future.
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