Thursday, 11 December 2014

Higgs Boson Positivity

I just had a discussion with one of my mates and I found his reconnaissance to my work on Higgs boson splendid in exception to some horrific sentences which he didn't
like; for example I was saying “ before it’s too late”, and “I have enough of the world ignorance”.

In this post I want to improve myself and say something about Higgs boson positivity; this positivity is to look at me as Higgs boson discoverer in a positive way: that makes me think positive, write positive and bring to the world only positivity.

The first of Higgs boson positivity is to adjust most of scientific knowledge; this adjustment could go too deep in some sciences and the total disappearance of others; the examples are so many; and a total disappearance of quantum physics and a partial disappearance of some science such as pharmaceutics, architecture and building. Some other sciences will be more dominant such as nanotechnology and space aircraft industry.

Higgs boson positivity is also leading the world in knowledge especially in science; this positivity is to show to the world new kind of energy, cars, trains, planes, boats, special aircraft, houses, bridges, shoes, and a kind of a new life in everything, because everything will be different even spoons, glasses, and cups. This positive change will occur just because new kind of chemicals will be abundant such as diamond; and instead of building houses with wood, metal, bricks they will be built by diamond.

The third of Higgs boson positivity is that humans will meet an exotic life where unimaginable fruits will be abundant, new kind of vegetables, new generations of exotic friendly animals, pure water abundance, abundance of diamond and carbon nanotubes, and the appearance of new isles.

The fourth positivity which I would like to forward to bring to light is to make physics simple and easy to be understood by everyone as long as Higgs boson is available in it’s solid state; that makes the rules of physics easy to understand and makes any physical experiment practical to exercise, once the deeper basics of physics are understood then the rest will follow in easy steps.

Just my last few words to say which are “I am here to bring fantasy and fun to the whole world by making our universe travel back possible, this travel will be full of adventure and positive surprises”. 
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