Thursday, 11 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (16)

In this post more syndications have taken place specifically in the sulphur level domination in the atmosphere; this domination is due to the appearance of many new phenomena on earth; and one of these phenomena is the numerous and the stronger volcanoes’ eruption.

It is known to everybody that the earth's crest contains a high level of sulphur; most of this sulphur will be evaporated into the atmosphere through volcanoes’ eruption; this evaporation has an important role to create an equilibrium, and one of the targets of this equilibrium is the increase in the diminution of the carbon atom to it’s lowest rate in the atmosphere.

The abundant sulphur in the atmosphere has many effects on animals, plants and human being; these effects are known in the health industry. A chemical equation which I would like to add to this statement is:

Sulphur + Animals' Brain → Cerebral Damage

Also one of the linked syndications to sulphur is the sulphur high density; magnetism is the first cause to sulphur high density; once the particles are pulled to one specific area the most present and dominant particles in this area are sulphur particles, and the consequences of this phenomenon are destructive to all living cells in this area, simply because the sulphur over dose becomes poisonous.

Higgs boson manipulation to sulphur has an aim to compose chromosomes and to decompose others; the increase of sulphur atoms inside the cystein leads to the deformation of gene (SLC7A11); in this case the eleventh sulphide bond is achievable in a sulphur dense area and at this level any cerebral cell could be destroyed.

Sulphur has a unique specification to play in DNA reversing; this specification is hidden in it’s number of electrons, protons and neutrons which is (16), by combination of correlation, magnetism, anti particle and a particle the hydrogen atom will be produced to participate in the construction of water molecule; this process is a perfect process to turn our universe into vapour and to make it ready to cross the black hole and to become part of universe 5.

I think that sulphur syndication will stay on planet earth atmosphere for long time and maybe few years; as long as the carbon atom still exists in the atmosphere. I am sure I will come back to talk about sulphur in future posts.
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