Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (15)

In this post I would like to bring more syndications which are appearing in nature and most of them are linked to carbon, oxygen and sulphur combination. To understand the

chemical change happening in our universe we need to look at the changing chemicals inside the living organisms; seagulls are changing their colour from dominating white to dominating grey, this means that their nutrition is changing due to the change in the weather system affecting fish density in sea shores, and also this change is due to the rotational sea waves swallowing everything into the bottom of the sea.

Dogs are sniffing high level of sulphur that makes their urine affected with ammonia which will lead to chromosome reversing building up under their feet as this area is convenient to new generations of virus to grow and where Ebola virus will treble it’s nodes.

The third syndication which I am interested to bring to light is the volcanoes' sulphur clouds; these clouds are generated from the rotating cold air over volcanoes, more lower depressions leads to denser volcanoes' sulphur clouds, their travel to few thousand miles is obvious and their effect is a sudden death to huge green areas; this makes carbon locking accelerated.

The last syndication is magical and true; all sulphur components are doubling in size because of their interaction with bigger time particles of the past is facilitated by alpha particles which are occupying more space inside the atmosphere. The consequence of bigger sulphur atoms is the accumulation of carbon locking into the sulphur carbonate (SCO3), the chemical equation below becomes ready to double the number of it’s atoms

1 Sulphur + CO2 + H2O → SCO3 + 2H
1 Sulphur + 2CO2 + 2H2O → SC2O6 + 4H

I am thanking everybody in the world for being generous by visiting this blog to acquire knowledge which is my passion to share. Be aware that I will come back with more syndications of the new era of life.
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