Monday, 15 December 2014

Higgs Boson Regulations

Higgs boson instructions are about quarks submission made by Higgs boson to order natural phenomena to obey to these instructions. The idea of this post is about the 
explanation of how Higgs boson is capable of commanding all existing phenomena inside all universes. All Higgs boson commands have the same basic which is quark submission and this last has regulations organised and managed by Higgs boson in order to create a chemical equilibrium within the whole universes. I think that Higgs boson regulations to quarks submission will take place in this post, and I am willing to share with you five most important ones.

The first of Higgs boson regulations to quark submission is to submit the right quantity of quarks to make the right balance to chemical interactions inside the universes.

The second of Higgs boson regulations to quarks submission is within Higgs boson auto destruction; Higgs boson symmetry breaking is always occurred in the right time to create the necessary equilibrium inside the universe depending on the universes’ stage of movement.

The third regulation made by Higgs boson to quarks submission is; the totality of the submitted quarks is controlled by Higgs boson accommodated in Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) experiment; the denser Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) with atoms results to a higher level of submitted quarks; this situation leads to higher pulling force; consequently a higher speed of our universe to travel back.

The fourth regulation of Higgs boson submission is explained by the energy form taken by Higgs boson, and to have an idea about energy forms please have a look at “Higgs boson Energy Forms” post in the link below. The regulation here is balanced by higher energy form taken by Higgs boson which leads to higher quarks submission.

The fifth regulation of Higgs boson to quarks submission is Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) shape and size; larger shape and bigger size of Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) results to higher and larger number of submitted quarks in comparison to time, a smaller shape and size of Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) leads to smaller number of submitted quarks with comparison to time.

What it has been said above about Higgs boson regulations is just a conclusion from my experiments on Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs). I do believe that there are other regulations which could be added to the cited ones, and developing Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) is still a subject of studies and researches.
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