Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Higgs Boson Evacuation

I think evacuation is the only solution to human being to some exceptional circumstances; these circumstances are the result of being inside Higgs boson

electromagnetic field (HBEMF). In today’s post I am interested to talk about Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) as a promoter to unbelievable disasters to occur on planet earth; I think bringing five circumstances is good idea to make Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) more understandable to everyone.

The first circumstance of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) is the rivers’ banks breaks; the idea here is about the pulled rivers’ water up and further up by Higgs boson electromagnetism of the first universe; the result of this process is flooding which leads to immense evacuation.
The second circumstance of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) is avalanches; it’s so easy to penetrate snow and iced snow by Higgs boson electromagnetism; this penetration causes tunnels inside the snow and the iced snow allowing air to infiltrate into them and making them melting faster; that leads to avalanches to occur and evacuation to be enforced.

The third circumstance of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) is magma spreading over volcanoes; it’s easy to quarks to find ready routes to the bottom of the earth and to pull magma up to the surface, and what we are seeing in Hawaii of spread magma is a good example of this situation.

The fourth circumstance of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) is bridges’ cables breaks; one of the most favourite places of Higgs boson electromagnetic to attach to is bridges’ cables; quarks can go inside the bridges’ cables because these last shape is an ideal shape to quarks rotations and the pulling of the electromagnetism make them breaking, the result to this process is bridges collapses.

The last circumstance of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) is lakes dissolvement; this dissolvement occurs because of the widening in fissures under lakes; the rocks under lakes got destabilised due the under earth particle movement which makes fissures widen and allow the water lakes to escape into them. The under earth particle movement is one of Higgs boson tools to make decomposition possible, and it’s because of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) that this movement of particle under the earth exists.

What it has been said in this post is just a very few examples of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF), I think that the world has to prepare for huge evacuations, and geologists have to control areas before collapses occur. I am sure that I will come back with more causes of evacuations in the nearest future.
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