Monday, 17 November 2014

Higgs Boson Driving Licence

I am writing this post because I think that everybody in the world should know about the beginning of the new era which is now at it's second year. Many phenomena are able to change the composition of land; this has a great influence to decompose roads, streets, highways and railways.

My imagination is with cars, buses, lorries and even trains existence with cut off roads and railways, the result of this situation is a total obeisance to Higgs boson driving licence which is a licence of no driving. I think that before talking about cars, buses, lorries and trains with damaged roads and railways I should talk about the causes which are  leading to this situation. I would like to bring to light five damaging causes to roads and railways.

Fast growing trees are the first damaging cause to roads and railways, because trees are growing in a milder weather so they will grow (10) times bigger and automatically damage to roads and railways is inevitable.

Floods are an important fact to roads and railways collapse; their damage is known to everybody but what I want to talk about is that their growing number everywhere in the world and during the whole year, and of course they are one of the consequences of Higgs boson heavy rains.

The third element which is causing roads and railways damage to be cut off is earthquakes. Earthquakes are becoming frequent and more destructive, their number is growing because of Higgs boson magnetism, and we already know that quarks can penetrate to the earth's center and leaving it in a matter of seconds. This movement is manipulated by Higgs boson acoustic waves of the first universe.

Volcanoes are the worst cause of the damage of roads and railways; the over floated magma can invade a huge area even miles from the erupted volcano, roads and railways just disappear and got cut off.

The last cause which has a real impact on damaging roads and railways is the presence of methane under the ground; combustions are likely taking place everywhere, this will create small empty spaces which grow gradually then damage roads and railways.

At the end of this post I am not regretting that roads and railways will be damaged, but what I am regretting is that humans are becoming ignorant further, and further, and further.    
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