Sunday, 16 November 2014

Higgs Boson Towels

Suddenly I got an idea!!! It’s not an underestimated idea because its unique, consistent and extraordinary. The post’s subject is inspired from a wet towel which is taken by it’s both ends and turned on two ways to be rinsed. What I want to say is that clouds of

the new weather system are different from the known clouds; clouds of the new weather system are rotational horizontally then vertically exactly the same to quarks submission and quarks assumption.

A built cloud is originally from water which has a weak density; it’s evaporation is quicker than the denser water, also the water obeys to temperature, the warmer the water is the higher the evaporation is, also the more the water surface larger is the more water evaporation is. I think that this point of evaporation should be taken seriously as the world is heading to an era of moisture presence almost the whole year.

Higgs boson towels are made of clouds covering thousands of miles and their condensation is concentrated in one area than another because their rotation makes them becoming heavy rain in an area than another. Most of the times Higgs boson towels shape take a form of a circle or a hook and they are knitted following the low depression direction, their fibres size start from the water molecule size to few miles thick.

Without doubt there is one real and strong connection between quarks submission, low depressions and Higgs boson towels; the relation between them is additional, the more quarks submission is the more the low depressions are and the bigger Higgs boson towels are. This connection is always in a sinusoidal form based on one set quarks' submission; I think I already explained what a set quarks' submission is? Its a number of units made of a number of “Rugosa Corals” and a quantity of fortified water, or simply is Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

Higgs boson towels will become bigger and bigger until just four of them will cover the northern part of planet earth, then its highly possible that whole countries will be flooded, as Higgs boson towels will be very huge in size and very thick.

I would like to add the drawings below to show how quarks are submitted from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

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