Thursday, 13 November 2014

Higgs Boson Insulation (2)

Higgs boson insulation (1) showed us that all universes are insulated by their rotations and don’t mix with each other. In today’s post the subject is about the enveloping insulation of all universes, we must add to the universes their anti universes, their
times and anti times, their correlation and anti correlation, and their magnetism and anti magnetism to get a full picture of everything.

The idea comes from “Higgs Boson communication” post and what its interesting is that the second stage of it which is called the “Answer”. Once Higgs boson of the universe one receives the “Call” from Higgs boson of universe six it has to answer to this call; this answer passes through the material which is insulating all universes.

The material I am talking about it made of diamond as explained in “Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) Phase Three” post, the interior side of diamond is made of electrons. Ultimately the Higgs boson answer is made of acoustic waves which passes through this sheet of electrons to arrive to Higgs boson of the sixth universe.

The quarks of the universe six pick up the answer and spread it all around it. My imagination is true because the decomposition of our universe cannot happen without the first universe’s acoustic waves. To understand the relation between all universes and how they are all insulated together by diamond is to look at a brochette of meat covered with film paper. This example is just an innovation to what it was thinking about the philosophy of the shape of our universe; even it is a revolutionary in physics, particle physics and astrophysics; Lambda theories have to come to reality and obey to Higgs boson real experiments.

To conclude the contains of this post its simply to look at “Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) Phase Three” post; the electrons density accumulated on the top of the surface of the system has all meaning to whats happening above the rotational insulation of the universes. The drawing below is showing electrons density insulation under the diamond insulation.

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