Monday, 24 November 2014

Higgs Boson Insteads

Talking about insteads is simply something realistic and true. Today’s post is bringing with it a new technique of writing for better assimilation instead of approaching a subject and analysing it; it is possible to surpass it and approaching a new one.

Ok!! Instead of white clouds black clouds, instead of light rain heavy rain, instead of slow running rivers fast running rivers, instead of small steady seawaves big rotational seawaves, instead of weak water current strong water current, instead of sea ejection to objects sea swallows objects, instead of small and little depressions big and numerous depressions, instead of eastern winds south western winds, instead of few earthquakes many earthquakes, instead of blue sky green sky, instead of (24) hours a day (48) hours a day, instead of (7) days a week (14) days a week, instead of (30) days a month (60) days a month, instead of (3) months a season (6) months a season and instead of  (12) months a year (24) months a year.

The list of Higgs boson insteads is infinite; the change in the universes is happening due to Higgs boson magnetism of universe (1), also magnetism has to come to an end once Higgs boson of the 6th universe becomes extinct. The connection between Higgs boson of universe (6) and Higgs boson of universe (1) is built on acoustic waves; because Higgs boson acoustic waves of universe (1) are bigger than Higgs boson acoustic waves of universe (6) by (10) times the result is the decay of Higgs boson of universe (6), and once decayed it becomes fibers to form some important chemicals to create an equilibrium inside universe (6); this equilibrium has to happen in order to integrate universe (6) into universe (5). So all Higgs boson insteads occurring on earth are part of the equilibrium needed to make the travel back of our universe possible.

I am sure that the main of Higgs boson insteads for the time been are; the trees will lose their leaves every (8) weeks, wherever you are you can see that trees are replacing their leaves in any time of the year instead of normal seasons Autumn and Spring .Also the main change occurring now is the appearance of twice to (4) times bigger mosquitoes instead of the normal ones.

Finally, Higgs boson insteads are everywhere you can notice them yourself, and I am sure that I will be back with more of them in the future. Just a last word; I am shocked! In spite of all my writings about Higgs boson I can’t see any reaction out there at least by sharing the contents of this blog, of course except from few ones.   

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