Friday, 31 October 2014

Higgs Boson Lipids

The new era of life is revealing to us every day with new shapes of living organisms; the first one is lipids which are today’s subject, my intention today is to satisfy lipids which could be generated to create new animals and this could be done only and only through Higgs boson experiment.

The simplest animal which could be generated from lipids is the virus Ebola; tropical quarks assumption has a great influence on lipids to form nodes, these nodes accumulate on each other to form living organisms.

The second animal which could be generated from lipids nodes is the frogs; a frog is born once other elements are added to the lipids nodes and these elements are: acidic rain, amides and water.

Another animal generated from lipids nodes is snails; lipid nodes combined with amides are good enough to form a snail in just few hours.

Finally the last example of lipids nodes generating to form an animal is spiders; amino acid rush to fill the gaps between lipids nodes and the result is a shape of a molecule ready to breed.

The secret of the appearance of new animals in the new era of life is the molecule covalent bonding in lipids and amino acids; the molecule covalent bonding is supported by the rise of quarks in the atmosphere. I mean by the rise in the quantity of quarks and in the rotation level of all particles.

Amino acids hide in them the mutual composition of DNA; their rotation get’s stopped for a short time depending on the reversal of the whole universe, as we already know the one is the whole and the whole is one. The time of amino acid stopping of rotating is called the time of standing to be ready to reverse, this time has finished six months ago and the proof of DNA reversing is the appearance of a new generation of lizards.

I am not rushing anything but the next few weeks the world will welcome further generations of animals such as fish adaptable to the new era of life.
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