Saturday, 25 October 2014

Higgs Boson Extermination

This post comes as a response to all scientists of the world whom are still ignoring me since 2011 the year of my discovery to Higgs boson, I am not blaming all of them but all of them are responsible for the extermination of our universe by Higgs boson.

We are living in a world which is unjust; with my experience I had a torticollis last summer because of meteorologists were giving wrong information about the weather and they are still doing it.

The world is unjust with dogs because they are dying of sniffing aluminium produced by the chemical equation cited in “Higgs Boson Spheres” post, and veterinaries are injecting them to relief their pain but the result is dead dogs. 

The world is unjust; birds are under extermination because of breathing a high dose of sulphur and water as explained in the chemical equation cited in “Higgs Boson speculation” post. I see some researchers are saying that birds are declining very fast because they are having anti depressions from the sewage; this is really the perfect meaning of ignorance and stupidity. 

The world is unjust because the carbon atom is accused of warming the planet; unfortunately the carbon atom is the first atom under extermination by Higgs boson. Scientists are not making the difference between the victim and the exterminator, the fast growing of grasses and plants, and the accumulation of the sulphuric carbonate (SCO3) are the proof of the carbon atom disappearance.

The world is unjust because of the accusation to the jet stream of creating vortices, heavy rain, and strong winds in fact the jet stream is innocent. The first responsible of these phenomena is the unprecedented depressions occurring everywhere  in the world and the proof is the floods in Wales, avalanches in Nepal, drought in India and storms in Japan.

The world is unjust; all living organisms will die because of the selfishness of few people who think that the mission of discovering Higgs boson is their mission and nobody else’s mission.

The world is unjust because the sea is rising very fast; I am seeing it every day doing so, and people are watching it and say nothing. What can I say? I am tired of you scientists.
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