Sunday, 19 October 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (10)

I am seeing all kind of syndications everywhere in the world, and I am adding few ones through this post. The more time passes the more everything get bigger even human beings are getting bigger and bigger.

Syndications have an unlimited number and they are appearing in the four corners of the world; I am afraid that streets, high roads and walls will be damaged by the fast growing trees' roots, these last have a new rich soil full of sulphur and water. The equation below has to be looked at;
Rich Soil + Trees' Roots → Damage to infrastructure

My apology to ants, mice, rats and birds as they have no place where to live in the new era of life; this new era is dominated by the water molecule and sulphur. The equation below has the meaning to the dying animals cited above;
(Ants, Mice, Rats, Birds) + (Water, Sulphur) → Dead (Ants, Mice, Rats, Birds)

Winds are special in the new era of life; they are rotational and in high speed, they destruct any obstacle in front of them from the weakest to the strongest one. I am sorry to say that many houses will have their roofs blown away, electric cables and shops windows will be struck by strong winds, and driving becomes a nightmare in such circumstances. The equation below has an inspirational meaning to the force of the winds;
Electric Cables + Strong Winds → Electrical Shortage

Blizzards also have an important role in the new era of life as a syndication; an assault on of warm air and heavy rain make the visibility conditions from short distance almost impossible. These conditions will dominate most of the time in the new era of life. The equation below has the meaning to this situation;
Warm Air + Heavy Rain → Bad Visibility Conditions

The last syndication to finish this post is the trees' leaves; they will be accumulated on streets with an unprecedented quantity, in the new era of life the known seasons have no meaning; trees will grow their leaves all year because of rains' water and heat.

In conclusion; syndications are everywhere, anywhere at any time and they will be visual when their impact starts hurting. Not only that, they will be the symbol of the new era of life.
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