Monday, 13 October 2014

Higgs Boson Switzerland Boat

Quarks assumption and quarks submission are new phenomena on earth; the first is the result of the second. Hamilton-Jacobi have explained in their equation of subatomic spirality that subatomic particles always move horizontally or vertically in a spiral manner. Quarks existence as single subatomic particles is proven but their behaviour is not understood yet.

Quarks submission is a horizontal movement of quarks from Higgs boson experiment to highly condensed state with energetic particles; the quarks participating in this movement are built on (1+1) golden ratio. This movement never end as long as Higgs boson is in conditions of excitement. Also the number of the submitted quarks is close to infinite and the process of submission is continuous unless Higgs boson experiment is stopped. The quarks submission process could not be seen because quarks are neutrals; means that they don’t carry any charge with them.

The drawing above is showing how quarks submission takes shape; it is a four golden ratio starting at Higgs boson experiment and ending at a condensed area with high energetic particles. A golden ratio could be built of any mix of quarks.

Quarks assumption is a state of vertical quarks direction; they are submitted vertically from the condensed area with high energetic particles to the outer atmosphere. Similarly quarks assumption also takes a four golden ratio shape, and just the starting point and the direction are different from quarks submission. The drawing below is showing quarks assumption at the starting point.

The only thing which has the ability to show quarks assumption is the clouds; the northern part of planet earth is full of quarks assumption pictures and the picture below is one of them.

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