Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Higgs Boson Incrimination

Finally, here I am with the most serious subject concerning Higgs boson discovery; who incriminating who this is the question. Who is the victim? And who is the criminal? In today’s post I want to say what it is deep in my heart about a stolen discovery.

Let’s the world know the truth of who is the real Higgs boson discoverer, are they the people to whom the Medias is clacking or me who is standing here to defend my right of this discovery? I allowed myself to make as many as experiments on Higgs boson to show to the world who stole Higgs boson discovery from who, because the danger here is the damage done to Higgs boson itself as the master of all particles.

Suddenly the Higgs boson discovery was announced and the Medias rushed to cover the big news, but what were concrete are just sophisticated 3D images. That was more than two years ago and since nobody talk about Higgs boson, and what are they the benefits to humanity which came out from this discovery? I am sure that there was nothing beneficial from this discovery and there will be none even in the coming centuries. In another hand a little man said that he discovered Higgs boson and nobody spoke to him, and this little man is still bringing proof after proof and still nobody spiking to him, until one day the little man decided to kidnap the whole universe and putting it under new physical laws.

Synchronization as explained in earlier posts must be taken seriously and looked at profoundly; the electromagnetism of the sixth universe has turned back to go straight forward towards the universe five, it is like snatching a tennis ball and it turns back in the same trajectory. So the informal declaration made by the people who think that they are Higgs boson discoverers has to be formal if and just if they will make another declaration to explain whats happening to our universe.

To add an important matter which is the conclusion to Higgs boson story is that our universe particles started to enter through the hole to integrate into the space of the fifth universe, the consequences are already making scenes on planet earth. To be honest our universe will not take a long time to be emptied in the fifth universe that means that the entrance of planet earth to the second orbit of the new era of life it might take just two years, and it is highly possible that the North Pole ice has just two years to survive.

Just my last two words to close the case; the people who claimed Higgs boson discovery have to dismiss their claim to show respect to Higgs boson otherwise they are guilty of lie to humanity to win a prize of a discovery.  
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