Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Higgs Boson Normalization (2)

Normalization is a great world to understand in Higgs boson spheres, bringing 2013 and it’s world back to year 2014, and it’s world has to be something normal to everybody in the world. To simplify the meaning of Higgs boson normalization is to accept the change happening in the world, this change could be from an atom or a molecule to the whole universe. It is obvious when everything travel back into the past everything has to change and become part of the past. The realization of this voyage into the past is happening and the first proof of it is the genes reversal, I already explained DNA reversal in “Higgs Boson Manipulation” post. Just in a space of one year the results are there in “Higgs Boson Syndications” posts.

I think that social media have to explain to people that Higgs boson experiment is occurring and it’s result is the travel to the past. During this travel the change has to happen gradually in the atmosphere and in the biology of the living organisms.

Normalization has two meaning; the first is general and contains all the changes happening in the whole universe, it is built on (1 + 1) connection similarly to the sinusoidal waves; anything change is one sinusoidal wave form, direction or speed will affect the whole sum of the sinusoidal waves. A good example to understand general normalization is to look at the clouds; any change in one piece of cloud will affect the whole clouds around the world. Actually the whole is made of fibres and any change in one fibre the whole sum of fibres will change.

The second meaning of normalization is specific; it could be any change in a specific fibre movement, direction, quantity or composition. The specific change always happens at the quarks level; the drawing below explains what a specific normalization at the quarks level is.

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