Thursday, 9 October 2014

Higgs Boson Astro-Manipulation

It is humble to think straight forward to the achieving point of the moving stars comparing it to the earth position in the new orbits of planet earth. We already know that the earth has entered a new orbit of the first stage of the new era of life; this orbit is much larger than the old one and to know it's distance is by comparing the earth position against the most known planets and stars. This post must be present today because very important suggestions to Astrophysicists must be done now.

The drawing above explains the planet earth transition from the old orbit to the first orbit of the first stage of orbits of the new era. The point (A) is the starting point to the new era orbit and the leaving point of the old era orbit.

The first suggestion I would like to make to astrophysicists is to calculate planet earth position from this month to have a ready set data for future calculations of the new era's orbit.

Astrophysicists should also look at the sun position which is getting closer to the earth; because the earth’s new orbit is wider than the old one. There are also some planets which are getting closer to earth such as the Moon, Mars and Neptune.

I am suggesting a predominant idea to physio-physicists to dig deeper the northern hemisphere light, the source of this light is the quarks assumption which is reflecting the sun’s rays, once this idea is proven right that means that there is on earth something which is decaying particles to their smallest size.

The fourth suggestion I am interested to make is so important to know; I think that all satellites need to be repositioned in wider or smaller orbits depending on their function; otherwise the loss of the received data from them is imminent. This is an artificial syndication which has a huge impact on the world’s communications and entertainments.

Finally, to complete today’s subject my last suggestion is to fulfil the created empty space between the old earth's orbit and the new one. Heliums are the best occupant and that means that all empty space in our universe will be occupied by heliums instead of black phosphorus. The secret of this shifting in dark matter to facilitate the travel back of our universe and to be merged in the fifth universe.
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