Monday, 20 October 2014

Higgs Boson Citrusfication

Again its me back with today’s post which has a pure chemistry flavour; citrusfication is one of Higgs boson essential process to sacrifice trees fruits in order to extract important substrates; these substrates become the seeds of new generations of plants.
Exotic plants and animals are the only survivors in the universe’s travel back; and extinction of all the rest is accidental except lucky humans who chosen to live in the right place. 

Carbon deficiency in citrus plants has a straight impact on them to change their cells to a new shape and to produce a new generation of exotic plants, the cell mitochondria changes it’s DNA to become quick saver to methanol.

The citrus mitochondrion once reversed it becomes impermeable that makes the whole cell dried inside; the whole tree becomes dry and ejects all it’s substrates, these substrates become a perfect source to feed cells to form seeds then exotic trees. The dried citrus itself becomes a good place where seeds develop and give birth to exotic trees. Maybe someone asks why the citrus mitochondrion became impermeable? And why it did reverse at the first place? To answer to these two questions a look at “Higgs Boson Manipulation” post is necessary to understand DNA reversing.  
The mitochondria impermeability occurs once is reversed because it fills the holes of which the cell gets nourished from. The drawing below is showing citrus mitochondria reversing to become impermeable.

Citrus trees are the first trees to be narrated by extension; and humanity has a great opportunity to see new exotic trees with an unimaginable fruits. The recycling of citrus trees is set in high speed; its a question of few years and maybe less. 
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