Thursday, 12 January 2017

Announcement (56)

Soustraction has to take it's part in this announcement as its the key stone to Higgs boson experiment effects to occur. Soustraction formula is the easiest part of the process of the change of everything in loosing and accumulating masses, and Higgs 

boson effects could not be understood without the introduction of soustraction formula to explain the occurrence of many phenomena around us. I am interested to show five scenes where soustraction formula is explained.

The first scene showing soustraction is water vaporization; less water in land and seas means more water in the atmosphere and more water in this last means more water on land and in seas; soustraction process is built on a rotational manner as explained in "Higgs Boson Spheres" post.

The second scene showing soustraction is lakes effects; more cold winds on warm lakes means more vaporization which leads to more snow and it could be explained as fellow: (+1) cold wind, (-1) water from lakes, (+1) water in the atmosphere, (-1) water from the atmosphere and (+1) snow.

The third scene showing soustraction is heavy rain; and this means that (-1) vaporized water leads to (+1) cloud which leads to more rain. I think that the world is assisting more heavy rain because of the intensification of soustraction formula to (-4) and (+4).

The fourth scene showing soustraction is dense fog; fog with higher density has increased with 49% on planet earth and this is because of the higher density of all included phenomena in fog formation and such phenomena are: the higher difference of high and low temperature in the same area, higher water vaporization, higher water density in the same area, Higgs boson magnetism pulling to any element of disturbance such as winds, and rivers burst to create water abundance. Fog is a good accumulator to water and it represents (+1) of it in the soustraction formula of (-1, +1).

The last scene showing soustraction is ten times bigger rainbows than the usual ones; rainbows are getting huge in size because of the soustraction of water from low atmosphere to higher one; and the soustraction is represented in (-1) water from low atmosphere and (+1) water to the higher atmosphere.
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