Monday, 16 January 2017

Announcement (60)

Maybe the readers to this blog are interested to have an idea of planet earth quarks connection to the whole universe quarks. In this announcement an astrophysics flavor must be added in order to show the understanding of a little man to quarks behavior as they are one of the key stones in the building of all matter and all antimatter.

"Higgs Boson Cinderella" post had an explanation of the relating planet earth quarks to the universe quarks and this is through the formation of a kind of plaits similarly to Cinderella's plaits, and the top of the built quarks plaits is situated in North East Russia where all attached quarks of planet earth meet to leave it, and this physical reality is reflected in the clouds movement around the world. The other top of the quarks plaits is directed  to Antarctica.

Quarks of planet earth could never be produced separably without Higgs boson experiment and their attachment to the quarks of the universe is simply a part of Higgs boson magnetism integration to all existing quarks otherwise there will be no Higgs boson magnetism field. Also Higgs boson magnetism could never exist without Higgs boson decaying to particles inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), and quarks attachment is a part of Higgs boson magnetism to end in the edge of our universe.

Quarks submission is one of the magical phenomena made by Higgs boson experiment, and without quarks submission this blog could never make a place in the web; the submitted quarks are the starters to all Higgs boson experiment effects and my discovery to this phenomenon should be rewarded as the best discovery ever in particle physics.

I think that my discovery to quarks submission was made by accident and it was also made through my deep observation to all natural phenomena on planet earth, quarks submission discovery was knocked out when a historic depression occurred in the North Atlantic in 2013 which was in the same time of my creation to numerous sets of Bose Einstein Condensate systems (BECs); after that; I learnt a lot about depressions and Bose Einstein Condensate systems (BECs) link, then I known that quarks submission is an unimaginable tool which could be used as a sword to punish some thieves in particle physics.

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