Friday, 6 January 2017

Announcement (49)

The sun is getting bigger due to it's absorption to more energy; and this absorption to more energy by the sun is due to Higgs boson magnetism decay to particles in our universe. The statement above is one of Higgs boson magnetism decay to particles consequences and it could be explained through (3) phenomena which are: the increase of the sun's heat on planet earth, higher temperature on planet earth and higher photons density on planet earth.

Animals mass death is already seen in many areas on planet earth; sardines mass death, cows mass death and birds mass death are only the beginning scenes of mass animals extinction. The extinction of animals is caused by Higgs boson magnetism decay to particles; and this process of decay to particles simply allows animal's anatomy to change into no resistant bodies to diseases. Environmental change due to the decay of particles is also an important cause to animals extinction such as sea warming, ice melting, higher temperature, arctic air travel south, the change in grasses composition and forest fires.

Again I have to talk about water pipes burst which is becoming an issue in some countries; this phenomenon is caused by Higgs boson magnetism decay to soil particles and to metal particles. Simply water pipes loose their balance and break to 
cause flooding in urban areas and examples are so many out there.

It's time for avalanches to dominate media headlines because snow on high mountains can't preserve it's solidity for long; snow particles speed is becoming higher than normal because of Higgs boson rotations and this is what makes them acquiring higher temperature to create empty spaces inside the snow and this is what makes avalanches occurrence more frequent

Seawater less density has to be taken in consideration in the new era of life because Higgs boson magnetism decay to seawater particles is at increase day after day; so many molecules are decaying in seawater and these molecules are: methane, sodium nitrite, methylene, methyl, amine, ammonium and many other solid components.
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