Friday, 13 January 2017

Announcement (57)

My heart is open to each single person on planet earth with little interest to Higgs boson discovery, Higgs boson experiment and Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) subjects; these subjects are the most important matters in the actual era of 

life; and turning the back and saying "I don't understand what "Tarek" is talking about" is not an option. I think that jumping on the train to make the travel to Africa is a serious solution to everybody in the world, and not understanding this solution means a preparation to enormous challenges.

I am seeing some people rising a black flag and saying "Tarek is dead" and this is because of their little brain and their narrowed thinking. I am here standing and making another announcement to show commitment, intelligence and stronger position in the world of science, discoveries and thoughts; and the people whom are in the bottom rank of these worlds their words are melting similarly to the melting ice in the Arctic ocean.

I am seeing triumph to Higgs boson discoverer and to Higgs boson experiment, and others are seeing that Higgs boson discoverer  is a mad person who is doing nothing and just writing about dreams which have nonsense. I am telling to these people that the day will come where you will find yourself in primary school learning what "Tarek" said years ago because what you have learnt all your life is changing to nonsense.

I am seeing higher and higher clouds in the sky, and I am feeling higher sun's heat in winter and this is what makes me believing in myself as Higgs boson discoverer, and this is what will make you recognizing my discovery because when you will see clouds achieving (60) miles high in the sky your interest in the thory of everything will find satisfaction only and only in this blog.

My willing is to write about Higgs boson discoverer life; maybe someone want to know about the life of this mad person who is claiming Higgs boson discovery, and to claim Higgs boson discovery you need to have a golden luck or being a researcher in CERN and maybe you will discover Higgs boson in the next few hundreds of years.
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