Monday, 23 March 2015

Higgs Boson Speed

Human beings are the weakest link to high speed and to resolve this problem a need to understand Higgs boson speed is an obligation; the first of all three elements have the priority to be cited and these elements are: speed magnitude, acceleration and mass or energy. Also it is important to know how Higgs boson deals with these elements and how to manipulate them in order to achieve everything’s equilibrium. I think that this post comes as a last stone to clarify Higgs boson role as a master piece in Particle Physics.

Let’s start with speed magnitude and Higgs boson as it’s regulator; as we already know that everything has it’s own speed and the total speed of everything is equal to 1 because in reality everything’s speed is subjected to a (π) shape, and because everything has it’s anti everything that means that a second speed has also a (π) shape. My understanding to Higgs boson speed magnitude is as follow; (1) + (1) = (π1) + (π2), that means that (2) = (3.1) + (3.1) and this leads to (2) = (6.2)

I am sure that many people out there disagree with me by seeing the equality to two different numbers but in reality an accelerated tennis ball to Higgs boson speed will be equal to (2) circles and also equal to (6.2) long. I think another good example to this situation is our universe once under Higgs boson speed will be equal to 2(π) and to (6.2) long.

Higgs boson acceleration was already discussed in many occasions in this blog and it is the source of Higgs boson speed, the speed I am talking about makes everything leaned to Higgs boson magnetic field. Also soustraction which works under the formula of (+1, -1) pushes Higgs boson speed magnitude up by (+1) each time it does occur. I am sure that the following example will clarify this idea; a car can go fast when it’s acceleration is at it’s maximum and it can go faster when it is carrying less people on it.

The third element which has a link to Higgs boson speed is mass or energy and it has to be considered as a key element to everything; we have already seen in “Higgs Boson Discovered” post that g-force has a connection to energy and speed, and through the equation below we understand that energy or mass and g-force have a direct link to Higgs boson speed.

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