Monday, 9 March 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (5)

I can see that the world is still silent and didn't take any action about Higgs boson insurrection yet, I think that some people started to understand Higgs boson experiment in reality and it’s influence on their daily life. We have seen lately that the snow took it’s part of the lion in Media, and the world climate change is spreading in journals’ writings. In this post Higgs boson insurrection will be concentrated on agricultural land transformation; this transformation has many causes and I would like to cite five example of it.

The first example of agricultural land transformation is heat; many areas in the world have their heat in the way of change; some areas are having more heat and others are having less heat and the cause of this new phenomenon is the clouds concentration in the sky. The insurrection in this situation is plants transformation that means that farmers should know what to plant.

The second example of agricultural land transformation is rain; rain of the new era is a necessity to transform the surface of agricultural land; its the magnitude of precipitation which is different from the old era precipitation magnitude by the quantity of rain by area. The rain which should be in Brazil now has moved to Libya and the rain which should be in Guatemala has moved to Finland.

The third example of agricultural land transformation is lightning; lightning has a huge impact on agricultural land deformation due to it’s absorption to agricultural land positive charges; each time a lightning occurs makes an unlimited number of positive charges disappearing from the land’s surface. Simply lightning provokes a loss in earth’s mass.

The fourth example of agricultural land transformation is a combination between alpha particles interaction with soil and the water molecule weight; this agricultural land transformation simply represents low lands as we already seen in an earlier post how they compose; alpha particles interaction with soil makes this last soft and weak and the water accumulation weight on the surface of soil makes it flat.

The last example of agricultural land transformation is water; water can transform any land by transporting it’s particles down to rivers, seas and oceans and because the water molecule is in increase on planet earth it’s transformation to agricultural land becomes a serious matter.

My intention from this post is to tell to people that hits are happening and you should wake up to know what’s happening around you. 
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